Cheap Low Mileage Cars For Sale

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Cheap Low Mileage Cars For Sale

cheap low mileage cars for sale
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cheap low mileage cars for sale – California Dreaming

California Dreaming : A Smooth-Running, Low Mileage, Best-Priced American Adventure
California Dreaming : A Smooth-Running, Low Mileage, Best-Priced American Adventure
Lured by a six-figure salary in Silicon Valley and fond memories of his low-rent North American rock ‘n’ roll tour, U.K. journalist, bass player, and adventure seeker Lawrence Donegan lands in California to pursue the American dream. Somewhere along the way he takes a wrong turn and ends up working on Orchard Boulevard, home of the world’s biggest car lot. Donegan quickly picks up a reputation as the worst salesman anyone has seen in twenty years, but with mentors like Mickey “The Legend” McDonald, Tony “The Tank” Tognazzini, and Frankie “The Rock” Reames, it isn’t long before he acquires the brass balls and lowdown cunning he needs to sell his first car.
California Dreaming is part personal journey, part classic American adventure. It charts Donegan’s career as an “asphalt warrior,” from multiple rejections (“Get away from me, sleazeball!”) to his pursuit of the Oscar of the used-car business: the Salesman of the Month Award. You’ll find yourself rooting for him every step of the way.

FOR SALE: 1994 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

FOR SALE: 1994 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo
– Kaixen Xenon HID kit. This is not the cheap Chinese kits that sell for $50.00. This kit was over $250.00 if I remember correctly. (35w ballasts, 5k low beam bulbs)

1994 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo ( 300 ZX 300Z 300 Z Z Car Z32 Z 32 Fairlady Twin Turbo 300ZX Z Twin Turbo)
Black exterior with dark gray cloth interior
Twin Turbo w/ T-Tops
5-Speed stick shift
Performance upgrades include: JWT ECU, JWT pop charger intake, chrome intake hard pipes, Apexi BOVs, Stillen downpipes, Magna Flow catalytic converters, dual GREDDY Power Extreme exhausts from cats back, RPS Max 6 puck Sprung HUB Clutch, flywheel, common ground kit, Unorthodox Racing pulleys, Powertrix front and rear upper STBs, Powertrix adjustable front camber arms, Powertrix adjustable front tension rods, PowerStop cross-drilled rotors
Upgraded sound system: Pioneer DEH-P9200 cd/head unit, Pioneer Premier 6.5" 4 ways in doors, Pioneer 4" 2 ways in rear, 2 Alpine amps custom installed into spare tire well with ventilating fan, single 12" MTX Terminator sub in sealed box AND T-tops still fit in hatch. Dynamat Extreme lines the rear hatch area
Wheels: Staggered Kazera KZA wheels in black w/ machined lip: 18×8.5 inch front. 18x 9.5 inch rear. Wrapped in BFGoodrich G-Force rubber.
HID lighting: 35watt 5k low beams, 35watt 3k (yellow) fogs
Full window tint 20% black: doors, quarters, rear
Smoked tails w/ custom clear signal lens
Exterior upgrades: 1999 JDM front fascia. Low/long rear spoiler

Regularly maintained by Becka Automotive in Chula Vista since I took possession of this vehicle with occasional visits to specialists such as Z Whizz or Discount Tire for anything wheel/tire related. Allignments done but Good Year/Express Tire.

Mileage: almost 144,000 miles

Must see/drive to appreciate. Asking $6,500. May sell to the best offer.

1955 Hudson Wasp

1955 Hudson Wasp
I am assisting with an estate sale of several vintage collector cars. This is a collection of primarily low mileage all original cars. Please let me know if you have any interest.

cheap low mileage cars for sale
cheap low mileage cars for sale

Save The Planet! Save On Gasoline!...With Hybrid Cars: Get The Best Car Deals With Hybrid Vehicles That Give Better Gas Mileage And Low Emissions So You ... Fuel Costs Plus Help Protect The Environment
Hybrid cars are absolutely a breed of their own. They are designed specifically for maximum fuel efficiency and low emissions. Hence, they are car types that not only enable you to cut down on fuel consumption but also allow you to do your part in protecting the environment. There are a lot of hybrid car models out in the market today. In fact, most major car manufacturers have their own original or enhanced version of a hybrid car. Honda, for example has the Honda Insight, the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Honda Accord Hybrid. Toyota has the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid or the Toyota Camri Hybrid. Nissan has the Altima Hybrid. Those are just a few of the popular hybrid models. But, here you can also see the committed drive of car manufacturers in saving the environment in their quest to constantly develop their hybrid models to adapt to modern needs. Hybrid cars give you better gas mileage by leveraging the power of gasoline and electricity. It captures energy while the car is going and stores it in the batteries for later use. When the hybrid vehicle is at a stop, it can automatically shut off the gasoline engine. Hybrids are also lightweight and lighter vehicles use up less energy. In addition, by lessening the amount of fuel that the car uses up, the hybrid consequentially limits the amount of harmful exhaust emissions given off, thereby causing less pollution to the atmosphere. Whatever the brand and version, there is absolutely one hybrid model that will suit the budget and needs of the selective consumer who wants to go green and make a difference through the car he uses.